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Welcome to Heal Our Land!

Heal Our Land is a dedicated platform that focuses on disaster relief and prevention, working tirelessly to restore hope and resilience to communities affected by natural disasters and social unrest. We believe that by joining hands and taking proactive measures, we can heal our land, protect lives, and create a sustainable future.





Our Mission:

Our mission is twofold: to provide immediate assistance to communities in the aftermath of disasters and to work towards preventing future catastrophes. We understand the devastating impact disasters can have on individuals, families, and entire regions. We are committed to offering comprehensive relief efforts and implementing preventive measures to minimize the loss of life and property.

Our Vision

to grow resilient communities in south Africa by aligning with and empowering key social actors embedded in these communities to work together to contribute through a tested model

What do we do

A Bottom-Up Awakening

Heal Our Land is not born from the top-down; it’s a bottom-up awakening that has spread like wildfire, igniting hearts and minds across South Africa. We believe that real change starts at the grassroots level, and that’s why we’ve chosen a path of collaboration and engagement that brings together individuals, families, organizations, and communities to create a collective force for positive transformation

  • Our overall objective is to build a partnership model to optimise resource allocation in responding to disasters and create resilient communities.
  • To create efficient and coordinated efforts for disaster relief.
  • Heal Our Land Initiative (HOLI) acts during disasters to coordinate the supply of emergency food hampers, financial grants, community security, housing rebuilding, appliance donations and psychosocial support.
HOLi Model - A Simple Strategy
  • We question: What’s broken and how can we help? How can our resources address problems and needs effectively and timely?
  • In disaster management: Relief and prevention are key areas.
  • Over the next 12-18 months, the urgent need is disaster relief in our country.
  • We’ve noticed a gap: Efficient resource allocation lacks in disasters (e.g., food waste in KZN, water challenges in E.C, delayed help in W.C – 150 calls).
  • What’s missing? Effective resource allocation, understanding needs, and a streamlined process for aid distribution. We propose Crisis Map Tools/Needs Mapping and a Standardized Operating Procedure.
  • Collaboration is vital. HOLi aims to integrate Needs Mapping Tool and SOP for all DRMCs across provinces.

Graham’s favourite scripture is 2 Chronicles 7:14 and he strongly believes that there will be a dynamic global revival in the near future, following the ‘waves’ of (1) Prayer, GVOP, (2) Ethics, values and clean living (UE)

Graham Power

Graham Power, is the founder and Chairman of the Power Group of Companies, formed in 1983. The Power Group is regarded as a leader in the field of civil engineering and construction.

Power was one of South Africa’s most recognised business leaders, having won various awards and accolades over the years. He was voted businessman of the year numerous times and received civic honours from the mayor of Cape Town in recognition of his contribution to the transformation of society. 

Power passed away peacefully with his wife, children and siblings at his side on Friday (14 October 2022). He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, last year and had been in remission since earlier this year. After contracting Covid-19, he suffered a series of health complications and was hospitalised at the end of September after attending the Economic Summit Africa and a special Unashamedly Ethical Awards Gala, where he received a Lifetime Leadership Award.


Tangible evidence of its Purpose: “To improve the quality of life in Africa through infrastructure development.” Graham has repurposed his company into a powerful tool for transformation in God’s hands that is impacting his industry, the nation and even the world. The Power Group employs more than 1500 staff members.

In 2001 Graham initiated a stadium gathering in Cape Town that saw 45,000 Christians pray for the needs of their nation. By 2010 this movement grew to become the largest prayer gathering in recorded history, where about 350 million people from 220 nations participated in the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) on Pentecost Sunday.

Graham is active in forming the recent exciting initiative “Global Voice of Prayer” (GVOP), which is now active across the world (visit A second dynamic initiative, Unashamedly Ethical, was launched internationally in 2010, promoting ethics, values, and clean living across all sectors of society. This campaign is currently sweeping across South Africa, Africa and is presently active in 143 nations, challenging individuals and companies to be ethical in all their dealings 

Along with Diane Vermooten, Graham is the author, of the book Not by Might, Nor by Power. This book tells the remarkable story of the growth of the Global Day of Prayer and the birth of Unashamedly Ethical. It is a gripping and inspiring testimony of God’s power in response to obedience and faith! In a second book, Transform Your Work Life, Graham and Prof. Dion Forster share testimony and teaching on what God has done for them and what God wants to do with and through Christians in the marketplace. Your work life is one of the most accessible and significant mission fields in the world.

Graham and Dion offer some truly practical, sometimes challenging, hopefully inspiring insights into the tools and processes that you can use to transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling and by doing so, to transform your work life. A few personal awards for Graham include: being awarded the first international ‘Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year’ award by the World Evangelical Alliance and the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organisation in Vancouver, Canada in 2012. Junior Businessman of the Year in 1999 for South Africa and Businessman of the Year in 2005, by the Cape Town Chamber of Business. In 2013, Graham received an Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree from the Nyack College and the Alliance Theological Seminary in New York.

Graham is married to Lauren and they have three children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in Somerset West, South Africa. Graham is the first to say that God deserves all the Glory and the Honour for this miraculous work! Truly, the stories of the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical are not the stories of one man’s determination, neither are they stories about mighty global organisations, rather, they are a testimony to God’s Power and Grace!

Graham’s favourite scripture is 2 Chronicles 7:14 and he strongly believes that there will be a dynamic global revival in the near future, following the ‘waves’ of (1) Prayer, GVOP, (2) Ethics, values and clean living (UE) and (3) ‘Healing of our land’.


Heal Our Land Ambassadors

Mbulelo Bikwani
Gerry Couchman
Jannie Durand
Boshoff Grobler
Hein Koegelenberg
Wendy Luhabe
Pierre Malan
Michael Mol
Hanneli Rupert – Koegelenberg
Peter Tarantal
Moss Ntlha